Cleveland’s Got Sole presented by VILLA

Sneakers have come a long way. In their hundred-plus year history, they’ve gone from primitive pieces of athletic equipment to status symbols, from on-court wear to everywhere, according to complex.com, the industry leader on sneaker pop culture. And along the way, they’ve impacted everything from sports to retail to entertainment. You can’t argue that the once lowly sneaker has left its mark on culture as a whole.

noon to 5 p.m.
Sunday, June 22, 2014
Quicken Loans Arena in downtown Cleveland

Before and after the show, we will show our many out-of-town guests everything Cleveland has to offer. Expected attendance is 2,000 to 2,500. We had more than 1,500 guests attend and 80+ display tables at Cleveland’s Got Sole III in 2012.

How CGS Was Born

The shoe world boasts thousands of websites, online forums, auctions, contests, blogs, competitions, trade shows and sneaker summits. There are single sneaker forums which have hundreds of thousands of members. There are also many publications distributed all over the world solely for “sneaker heads.”

Avid shoe collectors for years, we had traveled to shoe shows throughout the United States to display our collections. In passing one day, someone said, “Hey, you guys should host a show.” And that’s how this started. We did some research and realized that no one in the Midwest had hosted a shoe show before our event in 2008. We decided to be the first to invite “sneakerheads,” our friends, colleagues and shoe-lovers for a great event of displaying, selling and trading shoes. Cleveland’s Got Sole was born!

But we wanted to give Cleveland’s Got Sole a deeper meaning! Unlike most other shows that are income-generators for promoters, Cleveland’s Got Sole raises money for charity. In three years, we’ve donated more than $20,000 to nonprofit organizations, giving $11,000 away last year alone.