Guide to Cleveland

Cleveland’s Got Sole’s

“Guide To Cleveland” 

Cleveland’s Got Sole is, first and foremost, a showcase for Cleveland, and our #1 mission is to make sure every single person who comes to our event experiences the best Cleveland has to offer and leaves loving OUR city as much as we do.  If you are looking for anything not listed below, have any questions whatsoever please give us a call or text.

Andrew: 216.326.3135

Kevin: 330.606.9828


One of the many highlights of Cleveland is its food scene.  We have absolutely amazing restaurants of every type, ethnicity, and style.  If there’s anything at all you have a taste for please reach out.  Don’t waste a boring meal here because there are endless amazing places to try.

*Direct all food related questions to Andrew (Kevin’s diet consists of Coke and Swensons)



Points of Interest:


The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame:

1100 Rock and Roll Boulevard

Cleveland, OH 44114

(216) 781-7625

The Rock Hall is an amazing museum of all music history and has exhibits from every genre imaginable.  It’s a must experience for any music lover.  Give yourself the good part of the day for this.  You can spend days looking over everything, or be content with a few hours.  Tickets are $22 for adults and they offer Military discounts.  Hours are: 10am-5:30pm Everyday

Except for Wednesdays and Saturdays when they are open till 9pm





The NFL Hall of Fame: (Pro Football Hall of Fame):

2121 George Halas Drive Northwest, Canton, OH 44708

(330) 456-8207

This is located in Akron, about 30 minutes South of Cleveland.  It’s a great experience for any football fan and can be toured in a few hours.  Tickets are $21 and they are open 9am-8pm every day.


Cedar Point:

22800 Cedar Point Rd, Cleveland, OH 44142

(419) 627-2350

This is hands down, the best amusement park in the world.  It has the biggest, fastest and craziest roller coasters on the planet.  It is about an hour West of Cleveland.  Plan on taking a whole day to do this, and I recommend paying the extra for “Fast Lane” tickets so you skip most of the lines.  Tickets are expensive.  Look around on-line for coupons.


Horseshoe Casino:  100 Public Square, Cleveland

Cleveland’s first casino, brand new.

Open 24 hours, Only serves booze till 2:00am, Right downtown on Public Square.


Playhouse Square:

Performing Arts District, consisting of 8 Theaters, 2nd Largest in the country to NYC.  Plays, Comedy, Concerts, etc.

Cleveland’s oldest restaurant is here: Otto Moser’s (Opened in 1892)

I can’t give you their house because only they decide when they open and close.


Cleveland Museum of Art:

Stunning recently renovated museum if you like that sort of thing.


Great Lakes Science Center:

Interactive Science Museum with I-Max theater.


Little Italy:

This neighborhood is straight old school Italian and has the food, bakeries, and shops to prove it.  If you want Italian this is where to go.  If you want killer pizza there are spots on all sides of town so just let us know where you’re at and we’ll point you somewhere close.






Coventry is a neighborhood on the near East-Side of Cleveland that has a ton of character, unique shops and good places to eat.  Be sure to check out one of our vendor’s shops, Heart & Sole.  Coventry is home to the original “Big Fun,” which was named by Playboy as one of the coolest stores in the U.S.  It has crazy vintage toys from the 80’s and 90’s.  It sells everything from Gameboys to Ataris to Transformers and everything in between.  Great shop to kill an hour or two.  “Next” is in Coventry as well and is a nice sneaker / clothing boutique.  “Pacific East” is one of the best Sushi spots in Cleveland and is there as well.  Check out B-Side Barcade as well: nice bar with 30+ old school arcade games.


The Westside Market:

At The corner of Lorain Rd & West 25th Street, downtown.

The Westside Market is over 100 years old and is in the heart of Ohio City.  It is a market with all types of food, vegetables and amazing spots to eat.  Probably close to a dozen stands here have been on The Food Channel for one reason or another.  Steve’s Gyro is one vendor that’s been featured for their insanely good Gyro.  Maha’s Café is another vendor which has the best Falafel Sandwich you’ll ever have.  (Be sure to add hot sauce and hummus)  There is the West Side Market Café where you can sit down and taste always fresh amazing food, from the market.  Hours: Monday & Wednesday: 7am-4pm, Friday & Saturdays: 7am-6pm **Keep in mind that a lot of vendors start to close down early, so you’ll miss a ton if you try stopping by in the last hour they’re open.  This is a must do on Saturday afternoon, when it is in full effect.  Get a steamed bun from the Noodle Cat stand or a Po-Boy from the stand next to it.


East 4th:

Great neighborhood with restaurants, bars and House of Blues.  Great spot to grab some food or drinks earlier in the evening.  Dies out around 10 or 11pm.

*Native (on East 4th): Awesome unique shop focusing on Cleveland memorabilia and clothing.  A must hit shop.  Great books and all kinds of stuff.  If you need a Cleveland souvenir this is where to get it.


The Warehouse District: West 6th, 9th and St.Clair.  Party central.  All the crazy bars and clubs are here.  If you want to get stupid or witness stupidity this is the place.  Everything’s 21+ and bars close at 2:00am.



West 25th: This area is a little bit of everything, a bit of West 6th and East 4th combined.  Cool bars, great food, and it goes all night.  Specific recommendations will be in the section below.  More of a beer focused neighborhood with multiple breweries.


*All of the neighborhoods and areas above are nice and compact.  Easy to park and just wonder around.


Food & Booze: (Specific Recommendations)


Michael Symon: One of the best chefs on the planet, Iron Chef on The Food Netork, James Beard and Michelin Star winning chef.  He has a bunch of concepts throughout the city.  Here is a break-down of each one:


B-Spot: These are all over town.  Check for locatioins, hours and menu. Burgers, Brats, Beer.  Super laid back place with killer burgers, fries and shakes.  Basically a modern take on a burger joint / diner.  Good food.  Shakes with booze in em….how much better does it get?  There can be a bit of a wait if you go during peek hours.


Lolita: Michael Symon’s original location of “Lola” and his first place, which made him famous.  It’s still his baby and my favorite of his places.  It’s a Bistro by design, has a great bar, is semi-casual, but is still very much fine dining.  Decent prices for the food you get, but not cheap.  Weekends probably require reservations.  Here is their website:


Lola: Michael Symon’s new Lola location.  Fine dining, great cocktails, amazing food.  Not cheap and a bit “fancy,” but beyond excellent.



Pho-Row: Cleveland has a large Asian community and a passion for its food.  Out of this came “Pho-Row,” a string of great Vietnamese spots all in right by eachother.  is my favorite for Pho itself and a favorite of Michael Symon as well. has the best Bahn Mi, in my opinion.  #1 Pho is good too, but a bit more Americanized.  If you’re looking for Thai, Chinese, Dim Sum, anything please hit me up and I’ll point you in the right direction.


Polish Boys: Cleveland’s predominant ethnic group is Polish and there is some amazing food that comes along with that.  Don’t leave Cleveland without trying a Polish Boy and our Pierogies.  They’re on another level.  If you haven’t had one, a Polish Boy is a Sausage Sandwich with fries and coleslaw on it, covered in either BBQ or Hot-Sauce.  The best spots for them are: #1 Seti’s Polish Boy Truck:

Check their facebook page for location and hours.  They’re a food-truck, so they move!  This is Michael Symon’s favorite.

These sandwiches will get soggy quick so eating them as soon as you get them is best. Some stands at The Westside Market have great ones as well.


Sokolowski’s University Inn:  This place is as old-school as it comes.  Home cookin at its finest.  Traditional Polish Cafateria style.  This is the only spot to get Pierogies.  Here is their website:

They serve lunch Monday-Friday, and ONLY serve dinner on Friday & Saturday.  Closed Sunday.


Lucky’s: Best spot in the city for breakfast / brunch.  They make absolutely everything from scratch, therefore it’s a bit more expensive than most spots.  Best biscuits and gravy I’ve ever had.  Killer Rueben as well.  Not amazing service and you may have to wait to sit down.


SoHo: On West 25th, and one of my favorite spots in town.  The food is re-worked Southern classics.  Best Chicken & Waffles as well as Shrimp & Grits in the city.  They have amazing cocktails, a great patio, bar and is just a great relaxed spot to chill, eat, drink, whatever.


Southside: In Treemont, and well known for having one of the best patios in town.  Great bar with killer food.  Very good Chicken & Waffles, among a bunch of other stuff as well.  Kitchen’s open till 2:00am.  Great place to chill out, grab a bite, or drink far too much.


Prosparity Social Club: My favorite patio for drinking in the city and another old-school classic.  Looks like it hasn’t been touch since the early 60’s.  Very chill, great bartenders, pool-table, and it’s in the heart of Treemont where there are tons of other spots to check out, if you choose.


Happy Dog:  This is located in the Gordon Square Arts District.  (It’s one long street, not sure why it’s called a square)  You can get hot-dogs or sausages here and pick from like 100 toppings.  Great spot, killer dogs, and a hipster palace at its finest.  Bring your skinny jeans and fixed gear.



“Home of the Famous Over-Stuffed Sandwich”

A Cleveland Original, and located all over the city.  They serve huge sandwiches with fries and coleslaw on them.  They’re all open till the bars close and are best after a few too many beers. 


Velvet Tango Room:

2095 Columbus Rd, Cleveland, OH 44113

The best drink you will ever have…..period.

This place is a complete throwback to the prohibition era.  They pride themselves in using nothing but scratch made ingredients and mixers and perfecting the lost art of “the cocktail.”  If you appreciate a good drink and don’t mind paying for it then you need to check this place out.  Drinks are $15 a piece, but you get what you pay for.  Not a casual place, but not stuffy either.  I wouldn’t recommend shorts, but just about anything else would be okay.  If you drive here don’t leave any valuables visible in your car, as it’s not in the best neighborhood.


Great Lakes Brewing Company:

2516 Market Avenue  Cleveland, OH 44113
(216) 771-4404

One of the best breweries in the mid-west.  If you like craft beer you must check this spot out.  They’re in the heart of Ohio City, around all sorts of other cool spots.  If you go, ask if Leigh’s working and tell her I sent you.  She’s family so tip well.


ABC Tavern: On 25th and a bit of hipster-hell, but killer food and cheap drinks. The PBLT (Pork-Belly, Lettuce Tomato) Sandwich is worth tolerating all the PBR swillin regulars.


Greenhouse Tavern:

2038 East 4th Street  Cleveland, OH 44115
(216) 443-0511

This was opened by Michael Symon’s protégé Jonathan Sawyer.

Super laid back with some amazing food.  The wings are especially amazing. The most progressive kitchen in town.  If you consider yourself a “foodie” then this is your must try spot.



Melt has been all over The Food Network and has a few different locations throughout the city.  It serves all kinds of grilled cheese sandwiches, with anything you can think of on em.  There is just about always a crazy wait.  If you go, be prepared for that, or try to go on during off-peak hours.  Give a call before you head out to get an estimate on how long the wait would be for the number of people with you.



Cleveland has some great Pizza spots.  Here are my favorites:

#1 Geraci’s
2266 Warrensville Center Rd.
University Hts., OH , 44118
216 371-5643

Geraci’s has been there for like 100 years.  Killer Italian in general, but their Pizza is where it’s at.  Thinner NY style.


#2 Bar Cento
1948 W. 25th St.
Cleveland, OH
216 274-1010

Bar Cento was voted by Food & Wine as having the best pizza in Ohio.  Their “Breakfast Pizza” is the one to get and the one that won that aware.  It’s a fancier pizza, and not the traditional style.  They have the best fries I’ve ever had as well.  It’s on 25th around a ton of other great bars and restaurants as well.






#3 Vincenza’s  (216) 241-8382 / 603 Prospect E. Ave., Cleveland, OH.

Great pizza and they serve all styles, thick-crust, thin, deep-dish, etc.  They’re mainly a downtown lunch and dinner spot, so they’re not open very late.  Check their hours before you head there.



#4 Angelo’s   216 221-0440
13715 Madison Ave.
Lakewood, OH 44107

Amazingly fresh, and a staple in town.  Many will tell you this is the best pizza in Cleveland and that’s hard to argue.  It’s in Lakewood, 10-15 minutes out of downtown.


#5 Santos / 21467 Lorain Rd, Cleveland, OH 44126 / (440) 333-7437

Great pizza, on the Westside.  Thicker crust, and especially awesome sausage.




Beachwood Place:

I only mention this because I know most are staying at The Embassy Suites in Beachwood.  Great mall if you’re looking to do some shopping.



Great sneaker / streatwear shop, and our headline sponsor.  Multiple locations around town.



Similar to Villa, but with more of a boutique feel.  They have shops in Beachwood mall, Coventry as well as other locations.



14047 Madison Ave Lakewood, OH 44107 216.226.2470

Awesome skate shops.  Great place to find SB’s and Vans.

Good denim and apparel as well.



Heart & Sole:

Great boutique in Coventry with an especially nice selection of New Balance and unique streetwear. 


United Sneakers:

16806 Madison Ave., Lakewood, OH. 44107

Consignment shop.


We can’t thank everyone enough for coming out to support Cleveland’s Got Sole.  We hope that you have an absolutely wonderful time while you’re in Cleveland and that you’ll come back soon.  Again, if you have any questions at all, need anything whatsoever while you’re here please reach out to either one of us.  More than anything we want to make sure you have an absolutely memorable time in OUR city.


-Kevin & Andrew-